Consumer Goods


Consumer Goods

Consumer goods have been around since the earliest days of civilization. While advancements in manufacturing have led to the efficient, high-tech factories and production facilities used today, ancient craftspeople produced goods slowly and laboriously by hand or via manual or semi-automated machines to address a specific market need (clothing, cookware, etc.).

The general consumer products industry produces goods that the public wants or needs.

It produces two types of goods: durable and nondurable. Durable goods have a long life span and hold up over time; examples of durable goods are cars, electronics, tools, and washing machines. Nondurable goods, which do not last as long, include such products as food, cosmetics, and clothing. General consumer products are sold in retail stores, door-to-door, by mail order, and online

Consumer goods is a category that relates to items purchased by individuals and companies.

  • Marketing, advertising, and brand differentiation are key considerations for the business strategy in this sector.
  • ¬†Technological trends are a powerful force across all aspects of the consumer goods sector.